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  1. 05/08/2019

    Watch These 5 Hot West Coast Industrial Markets

    In a recent study by the National Real Estate Investor, 44 percent of respondents said that the industrial sector’s expansion phase has at least 12 more months. With another 33 percent saying it will last 12 to 24 months.

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  2. 04/25/2019

    Key Economic Trends and Predictions

    Economic Trends - GDP estimates increase as employment and consumer spending trend positive.

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  3. 04/23/2019

    What do Interest Rates Shifts, an Inverted Yield Curve, and Trade Wars Mean for CRE?

    The Federal Reserve’s decision to suspend rate hikes this year and end the runoff of its balance sheet was closely watched across the commercial real estate sector for good reason. These moves coincide with a period of significant financial market volatility, and choppy economic waters.

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  4. 03/22/2019

    Retail Survival Guide 2019: Everything You Need to Know to Weather the Storm

    There is considerable discussion, debate, and doubt concerning the fate of the American shopping mall, and the retail industry as a whole. Malls once were considered the primary place people went to buy things and to hang out. They were essentially a community’s town hall. The emergence of online shopping has shifted that paradigm, much to the angst of mall owners, department stores and big box retailers across the country.

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  5. 03/15/2019

    A River Runs Through L.A.’s CRE Capital Scene

    Commercial real estate investment capital these days can be like a river flowing into prime gateway markets. Riding it is not enough; to make headway, one must know how to navigate the ebbs and flows, the eddies and rapids. Strong flow, such as the influx of capital into the Los Angeles metro, can push, pull and sometimes even twist values. spoke to office and industrial brokers from Kidder Mathews, the largest independent commercial real estate firm on the West Coast, to get their take on the L.A. investment story as the first quarter comes to an end.

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  6. 03/07/2019

    4 Ways Office Landlords are Leveraging Tech as an Amenity

    Historically, tenants in the finance, insurance, and real estate industries (known as FIRE tenants) have been the major tenants of CRE office space. However, in the past several years, TAMI tenants, or those who are in the technology, advertising, media, and information industries, have begun to outpace FIRE tenants in their leasing power and number.

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  7. 03/04/2019

    Can Record-Setting Year Continue in 2019?

    Economists are united in predicting the economic recovery will remain on course in 2019, making it the longest expansion in U.S. history. Yet, it is expected the pace of recovery will diminish, given the challenge of sustaining double-digit growth over the long term. The coming year looks to be one where a flattening occurs, despite the robust year of growth in 2018, and following an upward trajectory that commenced in June 2009.

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  8. 02/07/2019

    4 Ways Millennials and Gen Z Are Changing What We Know About CRE

    While virtually every industry has embraced technology in recent years, as well as the changes and advancements that have come along as a result of innovation. However, there seems to be one industry that, for many years, has remained steadfastly old school — commercial real estate. Historically, the big players in commercial real estate have been in older generations and demographics and, therefore, comfortable with these old school (more traditional) ways.

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  9. 01/24/2019

    A Bright Future for San Francisco’s Bayshore

    San Francisco’s downtown core has grabbed many headlines over the last few years due to ambitious development projects that include the Central SOMA plan, the Transbay Terminal Redevelopment, and the Salesforce Tower. Upon completion these projects will add millions of square feet of housing, retail, and office space. Yet, the most ambitious redevelopment in the city has been underway for over a decade along San Francisco’s Bayshore, a stretch of the city that is often overlooked.

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  10. 01/15/2019

    Quest for Talent Motivates Tech Titans to Look Beyond Traditional West Coast Bases

    To sustain growth and attract the best talent, companies are diversifying their geographic bases of operations and building a presence near the country's financial and political centers of power.

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  11. 12/27/2018

    Industrial Solidifies Position as Darling Asset Class in 2018

    The industrial property sector has never been known as a dynamic, sexy asset class. To be sure, the property category was more likely recognized as a steady performer for investors seeking a low risk profile. That perception has changed over the past couple of years and the reality is industrial real estate has become the darling property type.

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  12. 12/10/2018

    How E-Commerce is Changing the Fortune and Construction of Industrial Buildings

    The explosion of e-commerce has created demand for industrial space that has never been as intense and sustained as it is now, sparking vast amounts of industrial development throughout the U.S. In 2017, 331.8 million square feet (MSF) of new industrial inventory delivered across the US, and nearly 405 MSF is expected to be delivered by year end 2018 .

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  13. 11/29/2018

    6 Things to Watch for in the West Coast Office Market
    in 2019

    What is happening in the West Coast office market in the next year? Things are certainly heating up with vacancies dropping, positive net absorption and asking rents are continuing to climb. Let’s take a look at six things to watch in various cities on the West Coast backed by statistical research.

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  14. 11/27/2018

    Are Opportunity Zones a Boom Waiting to Happen?

    Opportunity zones expand the number of potential real estate investments by opening up the possibility for greater profits on long-term plays in economically challenged areas. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provision could lead to a win-win for developers/investors and countless economic development programs across the country, according to experts from Kidder Mathews, the largest independent commercial real estate firm on the West Coast.

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  15. 10/09/2018

    Kohl’s Sees Increased In-Store Sales Thanks to Amazon Returns

    If you’re in retail, you know Amazon has been causing a lot of disruption. First, it was JC Penney’s and Sears, then Toys R Us earlier this year. So why are Home Depot and Lowe’s now partnering with “the devil?” Amazon is finding mutually beneficial opportunities in partnership with some of these well-known brick-and-mortar retail chains and targeting some of the hardest hit.

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  16. 09/27/2018

    What “Quality” Means for Western Retail Investment

    Quality is prevailing over quantity as Western retail investors adapt to the sector’s structural changes. Does “quality” mean the same thing for different metros?

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  17. 09/12/2018

    Industrial Demand Soaring in Phoenix: 4 Reasons Why

    The laws of macroeconomics tell us that for every boom there is a bust; what goes up, must come down. Yet something is happening that is defying that conventional wisdom. E-commerce, still only around 12% of all retail sales but growing, has seen consistent growth for years now, cycle after cycle and in Phoenix, this year the numbers are continuing to soar.

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  18. 09/04/2018

    San Francisco Financial District: The Destination for Elite Tenants

    San Francisco has seen very strong economic growth since the end of the recession, and continues to outpace virtually every other office real estate market in the country. The city’s Financial District, in particular, has been defined by very low availability of space and very high rent.

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  19. 08/22/2018

    What's Driving California Life Sciences Markets

    California has been firmly cemented as a fixture in the national Life Sciences industry ever since companies like Edwards Lifesciences established a presence in Irvine in 1958, Hybritech launched San Diego’s biotech industry in 1978, and Genentech planted its flag in South San Francisco in 1976. Today, there are nearly 300,000 Californians working in the life sciences, according to the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA).

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  20. 08/13/2018

    The Revitalization of LA: the New Home of Tech, Media, and Creative Office

    In February of this year Peter Thiel—PayPal billionaire, venture capitalist, and a fixture of the tech industry—announced that he was leaving Silicon Valley and moving to Los Angeles. He plans to relocate his residence to Hollywood and move his hedge fund and foundation, Thiel Capital and Thiel Foundation, to a new headquarters in LA.

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  21. 08/09/2018

    Mixed-Use Projects Spur Construction Growth Along West Coast

    A recent Crane Index report shows that construction activity is booming across North America, with a high crane count specifically in the West Coast. Mixed-use developments are making major headway as the second largest market, making up nearly 25 percent of the construction activity in North America. According to the Crane Index, L.A., Seattle and Portland are leading the sector. In fact, Seattle has more than LA and San Francisco combined!

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  22. 07/12/2018

    Market Value of Land – Secrets of Cost Segregation Professionals

    An often-hidden secret about many cost segregation professionals is that they are not involved in the real estate market place in terms of buying, selling, marketing or for that matter the valuation of real estate and are not qualified to provide an estimate of land value in reporting to the IRS. The lack of real estate expertise can result in a poorly prepared cost segregation study whose results are unreliable, undependable and could ultimately cost you money.

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  23. 07/02/2018

    Where Construction is Hot in Multifamily Markets

    The multifamily market is on fire after a very healthy 2017 and great projected strength for the rest of 2018. Rent prices are up, but vacancy rates are slowly increasing as more supply is being delivered, according to Freddie Mac’s Multifamily 2018 Outlook.

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  24. 06/28/2018

    Central Waterfront Park and LID Update

    The City of Seattle is moving forward with a $688 million waterfront park and associated street improvements of which $200 million will be funded through a Local Improvement District (LID). While this may not be news to most, it is important to understand the process and property owner options for those that fall inside the LID boundary.

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  25. 06/27/2018

    Shared Work Spaces: Disruption, Cost, Community & Cool

    Shared spaces have shifted from being an anomaly in the workplace to an anchor occupant over the past decade or so. The rapid advent and adoption of co-working environments into a modern office setting has ridden a tide of disruption, cost-effectiveness, sense of community and a quest for a cool place to work.

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  26. 05/25/2018

    Commercial Real Estate Cycle: What Happens When the Music Stops?

    The West Coast commercial real estate markets are among the best-performing in the country, a condition fueled by the current cycle's sustained economic growth. That isn't expected to change anytime soon. That's because the U.S. economic recovery remains on solid footing, supported by historically low unemployment (4.1%,) job growth and consumer spending.

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  27. 05/22/2018

    How to choose the right industrial space for your growing business

    If your business has been growing exponentially and your current facility is hindering your company’s growth, it’s probably time to consider a new space. When searching for your next business location, there’s always more to consider than meets the eye.

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  28. 05/16/2018

    Office Forecast Remains Positive throughout 2018

    The national and regional outlook for office properties remains favorable. After a strong 2017, where office development increased 53.7 percent year over year, both Commerical Property Executive (CPE) and the National Real Estate Investors (NREI) gave positive outlooks for this year. First quarter results have not disappointed. Generally, West Coast markets ranked high in terms of cap rates, vacancy, absorption, and new development. Breaking down the metropolitan area outlooks across the West Coast, we see upward trends in leasing and demand.

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  29. 04/17/2018

    Making CRE Sense of Tax Reform & Rising Interest Rates

    Considerable attention and uncertainty surrounds the sweeping tax reform and recent actions to raise interest rates by the Federal Reserve. Yet, the most intriguing question being asked by those in the commercial real estate business is will the changes knock the current cycle off kilter?

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  30. 03/28/2018

    Experience a Retail Rising: Creating Experiential Retail Environments on the West Coast

    Shifts in consumer preferences to a shopping environment that features experience over pure buying has forced shopping malls and retailers to rethink how they’ve traditionally operated.

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  31. 03/19/2018

    The CRE Disruptors We’re Talking About in 2018

    Our industry is experiencing a period of great change. We recognize the ability to anticipate new innovations and adapt is essential for providing optimal service to our clients. Over the next year, the commercial real estate industry will see disruption in four key areas.

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  32. 03/01/2018

    Amazon HQ2: CRE Lessons Learned from Seattle’s Amazon Experience

    Now that Amazon has narrowed down the nearly 240 potential sites bidding to host its second corporate headquarters, it will be a closely-watched competition for the 20 locations across North America that have been short-listed. The stakes are high for cities, counties, and states wooing the giant e-commerce retailer.

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  33. 02/15/2018

    Senior Housing Market Poised for Growth

    As baby boomers age, the need for affordable senior housing facilities will continue to rise. Investors and developers are taking notice with new construction projects. Strong market fundamentals and the aging population means more growth for all types of senior housing facilities.

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  34. 01/10/2018

    Who’s Winning the Recruiting War?

    Attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent has become an increasingly challenging prospect for companies across the country. That’s being exacerbated by a strong economy, fueled by a recovery nearly a decade in the making, and an unemployment rate that’s holding steady at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low.

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  35. 12/11/2017

    Industrial is Booming on the West Coast

    Changes in consumer shopping demands are pushing retailers to strategically place their goods closer to urban centers as a method of reducing logistics costs and delivering products timely. The increasing demand for urban warehousing is impacting the industrial real estate market along the West Coast.

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  36. 11/29/2017

    Crane Watch: West Coast Construction Boom Continues

    The West Coast undeniably features some of the hottest commercial real estate markets. A near perfect series of economic and technology storms have driven record growth, increased investment and strong market fundamentals.

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  37. 10/30/2017

    Is Industrial Space Going Vertical?

    Demand for domestic goods has grown exponentially in recent years, yet the available land for manufacturing and storage of those goods is dwindling. With multi-story warehousing, companies can strategically place goods closer to the consumer, and increase the usable square footage of a warehouse without expanding their footprint.

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  38. 09/18/2017

    4 Things to Know about the West Coast Office Market

    The West Coast office market has seen a lot of highs and lows in past years, but recent trends and statistics suggest that the coming year will be fruitful for the sector -particularly in some of the region's biggest metros.

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  39. 07/17/2017

    Distressed Properties, Vacancy Shortfall, and Entrepreneurial Incentive

    Let’s consider the values of two identical office towers: one fully leased by multiple tenants at market rents, and another completely vacant. Assuming all else is equal, the fully leased office tower will always sell for more than its vacant twin property.

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  40. 07/11/2017

    Generation Z Prefers In-Store Shopping –
    Could This be True?

    Shoppers belonging to Generation Z (whose oldest members were born in the middle 1990s) prefer to get their goods through the internet – right? Not necessarily, according to a new survey by IBM and the National Retail Foundation, in addition to data from Kidder Mathews.

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  41. 06/08/2017

    4 Trends Impacting the Multifamily Market Across the West Coast

    The multifamily industry has experienced a lot of changes on a national scale over the past year. Catapulted by growth in the tech industry, jobs markets have been popping up across the country in places like Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Seattle.

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