Our expert contributors provide insights on current commercial real estate and key economic trends.

  1. 01/10/2018

    Who’s Winning the Recruiting War?

    Attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent has become an increasingly challenging prospect for companies across the country. That’s being exacerbated by a strong economy, fueled by a recovery nearly a decade in the making, and an unemployment rate that’s holding steady at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low.

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  2. 12/11/2017

    Industrial is Booming on the West Coast

    Changes in consumer shopping demands are pushing retailers to strategically place their goods closer to urban centers as a method of reducing logistics costs and delivering products timely. The increasing demand for urban warehousing is impacting the industrial real estate market along the West Coast.

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  3. 11/29/2017

    Crane Watch: West Coast Construction Boom Continues

    The West Coast undeniably features some of the hottest commercial real estate markets. A near perfect series of economic and technology storms have driven record growth, increased investment and strong market fundamentals.

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  4. 10/30/2017

    Is Industrial Space Going Vertical?

    Demand for domestic goods has grown exponentially in recent years, yet the available land for manufacturing and storage of those goods is dwindling. With multi-story warehousing, companies can strategically place goods closer to the consumer, and increase the usable square footage of a warehouse without expanding their footprint.

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  5. 09/18/2017

    4 Things to Know about the West Coast Office Market

    The West Coast office market has seen a lot of highs and lows in past years, but recent trends and statistics suggest that the coming year will be fruitful for the sector -particularly in some of the region's biggest metros.

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  6. 07/17/2017

    Distressed Properties, Vacancy Shortfall, and Entrepreneurial Incentive

    Let’s consider the values of two identical office towers: one fully leased by multiple tenants at market rents, and another completely vacant. Assuming all else is equal, the fully leased office tower will always sell for more than its vacant twin property.

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  7. 07/11/2017

    Generation Z Prefers In-Store Shopping –
    Could This be True?

    Shoppers belonging to Generation Z (whose oldest members were born in the middle 1990s) prefer to get their goods through the internet – right? Not necessarily, according to a new survey by IBM and the National Retail Foundation, in addition to data from Kidder Mathews.

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  8. 06/08/2017

    4 Trends Impacting the Multifamily Market Across the West Coast

    The multifamily industry has experienced a lot of changes on a national scale over the past year. Catapulted by growth in the tech industry, jobs markets have been popping up across the country in places like Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, and Seattle.

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