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Nik Harmon

Senior Associate

LIC # 02016311


Career Summary

Nik joined Kidder Mathews as an industrial specialist and runner for Sean Gallinger in 2016. Prior to Kidder Mathews, Nik exercised his entrepreneurial skills and tremendous work ethic in managerial and sales positions with RadioShack, Target, and Fiori Marketing. After obtaining his salesperson license in order to sell insurance, he quickly realized his passion was in real estate. Through his strategic networking and natural people skills, Nik connected with Gallinger and was able to get his foot into the brokerage world.

Nik has an extensive knowledge of technology and aspires to streamline processes and increase efficiency. His can-do mentality and strong leadership qualities have earned him a spot on a solid team of seasoned brokers.

Success & Recognition

  • Top salesperson and sales manager for Fiori Marketing
  • Successfully managed a California Top 5 RadioShack store for 2 and a half years
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455 Capitol Mall, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 95814