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15 Lake Bellevue

"Jason Smith helped Webforia find, negotiate, and close the ideal property for an emerging high tech company. We set out requirements for a property that would provide a working space that would house our current employee base, be a place that could provide a recruiting advantage, and would also provide room to grow. In addition, we were looking for signage that would provide high visibility for the company. The market was at 2% vacancy and yet Jason exceeded our expectations. He took time up front to really understand our requirements, including creating an upfront blueprint of our ideal layout. He not only came back with some great options but found a property that exceeded our requirements and helped us negotiate a price and terms better than we thought possible. He also worked with us to have a professional interior designer create a work environment that was perfect for our employees. Jason's professionalism and attention to detail made him immediately stand out from the crowd and I highly recommend his services." - Mike Kennewick, CEO

The Challenge

The client had very aggressive growth requirements, but no process or knowledge of a strategy to achieve such needs.

Our Approach

A well known space planner Kidder Mathews had partnered with in the past on similar requirements, was brought into the team. A long range infrastructure requirement was constructed, as well as a critical path timeline.


A master lease of an entire building, 35,000-square-feet, with the client initially occupying the first floor, and a strategically-planned sublease of the entire second floor. The subject building was in the early stages of construction when negotiations began. This allowed the client complete control over future growth, and it was completed without additional cost (i.e., all transaction costs incurred in retaining subtenants for the second floor, inclusive of brokerage and legal fees, were absorbed through the difference in the client’s rents and the subsequent [higher] rents obtained from the subtenants).

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Services Provided

  • Facility Needs Analysis
  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Lease Language Negotiation
  • Disposition